Simple Pricing

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Simple account with limited data points. We have a committement to always have a free plan

  • 2.000 data points every month
  • Basic task modules
  • Minimum scheduled interval of 12 hours



Get More data points, use all task modules and schedule tasks with a smaller time interval.

  • 50.000 data points per month
  • All task modules
  • Minimum scheduled interval of 5 minutes



A plan for the hole team! Share workflows with your teammates and set up better permissions.

  • 100.000 data points per month
  • Shared workflows
  • Fine grain team and workflow permissions



Your company has special needs? We got you covered. The enterprise plan is what your company needs.

  • 1.000.000 data points per month
  • Dedicated hardware
  • 24/7 special technical support

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