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Build workflows with a few clicks

What can you build with Automagicly?

Backend for your website

Build your Rest API and server logic using easy drag and drop tools. The system will automaticly scale for millions of users.

Automate repetitive tasks

Create workflows that integrate to various other services and automate your repetitive tasks.

Data collecting and analysis

Create data pipes for gathering information from diferent sources and use it for your data science needs.

Special Features

Apps that run forever

Automagicly workflows behave as serverless apps that only run when triggered.

Automatic Scaling

Configure your workflows to automaticly scale when there is a lot of traffic or heavy processing.

Data Pipes Concept

Each task module receives events and emmits events to other tasks with new data.

Drag'n drop operation

You don't have to know how to code to make your own awesome workflows.

Powerfull Modules

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HTTP Status

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Array Emmiter

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